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sudo dpkg -i gnickr_0.0.1-1_i386.deb
Tar archive
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
make; make install


Before you use Gnickr you must authorize it to manipulate photos on Flickr. To to so run the program 'gnickr-auth.py' from a terminal and follow the instructions in the dialog.
Once you finish authorizing you must restart Nautilus: pkill nautilus


To access your own photos on flickr point Nautilus to 'flickr:///'.
To view someone else's photos simply point Nautilus to 'flickr://[username]'.
To add photos to a photoset drag it from the 'Unsorted' folder in to the desired photoset folder, the same could be done to move a photo from one photoset to the other. Renaming a photo is as simple as renaming the photo's file name.
Gnickr replaces Nautilus's image thumbnailing program with it's own, this allows the user to preview photos on Flickr by thumbnail alone. To take advantage of this make sure that "Show thumbnails" is set to "Always" in the preferences dialog under "Preview".
Gnickr downsizes and recompresses uploaded images by default. This helps save on the limited upload quota that non-pro users have. If you would like to change this behavior search for 'gnickr' in the gconf editor.


Why wont Gnickr work with my installation of Dapper?
Dapper uses python2.4-gnome2 version 2.12.2 which is badly broken. They should upgrade to 2.12.3 very soon. Until then, use the patched deb from the download section.
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